Due to their complex nature, property transactions and the variety of ways in which property can be exploited needs careful planning to maximise the return on investment.

We have built our expertise as property accountants and property tax advisors, working for clients across the property spectrum. In the residential, commercial and retail sectors, we act as property accountants for developers, investment companies, based in UK and overseas, construction companies and related service providers such as estate agents, surveyors and architects.

As well as providing an audit and accounting service, we advise our clients in many other areas such as tax structuring, funding, strategic decisions and how to restructure high value UK residential properties.

As specialist property accountants, alongside audit and accountancy, we can help property clients in a number of areas including:


We help our clients to plan their property tax affairs carefully. Whether relating to joint ventures, personal or partnership tax, we work to ensure that commercial arrangements are properly dealt with.


A complex area for the unwary, VAT can affect all areas of the property business and it is crucial to seek the right advice from an expert property accountant at the outset.

Capital allowances

We advise our clients upon what qualifies as a capital allowance and what does not. This can be a minefield and it is critical to consider each case carefully.


We can advise upon the appropriate structuring for sourcing finance for your property transaction, whether for land or development.